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Holistic Foot Health

At Sydney Podiatry Co, we enjoy nothing more than achieving positive outcomes for our patients. Our Seaforth podiatry clinic implement a multi-disciplinary approach to foot health, liaising with other allied health care professionals to ensure you have access to the best service possible. Whether you’re suffering from ingrown toenails, warts, diabetic foot related issues, ankle injury or cracked heels, we can skilfully handle all your concerns in a caring and friendly manner.


Depending on your individual diagnosis, our podiatrists will implement a range of treatment options including padding, strapping, stretching, strengthening exercises, massage, dry needling, shockwave, orthotic therapy, activity modification, footwear advice, heat application and foot mobilisation.

Swift Wart Therapy Solutions with Our Leading Foot Doctor Experts in Seaforth

Warts can often appear out of nowhere and are never a pleasant thing to experience on the body. Swift is an innovative piece of technology that utilises microwave energy to destroy warts.


Unlike previous treatments used to treat warts such as cryotherapy, salicylic acid, electrotherapy and excision, the success rate often fell short at 40-50% - often resulting in painful lesions that would still need addressing months later.


Swift therapy (Hypothermia) has been found to be much more effective at causing cell death within the wart - delivering almost instantaneous results with our patients. Another great benefit is it doesn’t disrupt healthy tissue, leaving it all intact. This means no need for any dressings and no pain following the treatment. It’s as easy as that!

Integrated Podiatric Management Solutions For Men, Women & Children

At Sydney Podiatry Co, we pride ourselves on delivering integrated podiatry solutions that take on board your individual healthcare needs. We understand that every person is different; and we never apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach with our patients. Our wealth of knowledge and experience keeps us at the forefront of the industry, making us the ‘go to’ podiatry practice in the Northern Beaches area.


Feel free to visit our Seaforth podiatry clinic for a range of foot health advice.

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