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High Risk Assessments – Northern Beaches Podiatry


Sydney Podiatrist Co has become synonymous with high quality foot care in the Northern Beaches area. We have extensive experience working with high- risk patients, toenail surgeries and musculoskeletal injuries. When it comes to managing high-risk cases such as diabetes and arthritis, regular assessment and treatment by a trained podiatrist is important in preventing any major foot complications later down the track.


As an integrated podiatry practice, we specialise in all aspects of neurological assessments right through to vascular management strategies, ensuring you get access to the best care available.

Clinical & Sports Podiatry

Living an active lifestyle can sometimes bring with it unexpected injuries. When you visit our foot doctor in the Northern Beaches, you can expect only the best high quality treatment for all your sports related issues. Utilising the latest innovative technology and clinical evidence based therapy, the team at Sydney Podiatry Co have got your foot needs covered.


Whether you’re interested in injury prevention, improving general mobility or simply keen on some good old podiatry care, you can trust our expert team to look after your feet and get you back to enjoying the activities you love.

Customised Treatment Plans

There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution. During your initial consultation with us, we’ll aim to diligently listen to your needs, understand your medical history, diagnose your condition and formulate a personalised treatment plan that addresses your symptoms. We’ll also check your joint range of motion, test muscle strength, analyse the way you walk and the wear on your shoes. 


Our podiatrists at Sydney Podiatry Co are highly trained and skilled in making result driven foot assessments and identifying the exact cause of your pain. Whether you’re an elite athlete, an elderly patient with arthritis or a teenager with a football injury, we have the right solution to solve all your foot problems. We are passionate about helping you achieve a pain free lifestyle.


Our Northern Beaches podiatrist clinic provides comprehensive foot solutions to get you back on your feet. Call us today on (02) 9949 3327 to book a consultation with our experienced foot specialists.