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Medical Pedicure

Sydney Podiatry Co's signature Medical Pedicure is considered the ultimate luxury in foot care. This hour-long treatment is renowned for making your feet look and feel flawless!



Our 'Flawless Feet' treatment combines the indulgent pampering of a 'spa inspired' pedicure with specialised podiatry treatment. During our Medical Pedicure, one of our qualified podiatrists will transform your feet with a complete overhaul, addressing the foot in its entirety. All of course, performed in one of Sydney Podiatry Co's specialised clinics, where you can be sure your feet are in a safe and sterile environment.



Let us begin to renew your feet with the safe and painless removal of any dead skin, callus and corns. Your podiatrist will ensure your nails are cut correctly, buffed and rehydrated; and free from any possible ingrown toenails. A detoxifying scrub  will be used to revitalise and leave your skin feeling hydrated and looking radiant.  We will then begin to soothe away tension and improve circulation using our collagen-rich hydrating massage oil. If desired nails are then painted with your choice of colour, using one of our water permeable "no nasties" polish.


In our opinion anyone who frequents nail bars for their pedicures, wears nail polish or wants their feet feeling healthy and looking beautiful should make an appointment for one of our indulgent Medical Pedicures. 


  • Prior to your Medical Pedicure, please ensure any gel polish has been removed from toenails and wear loose-fitting clothing from the knee down. 


 Your Medical Pedicure may be claimed on your private health insurance if you have podiatry cover.