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Children's Podiatry

“Step with care and great tact, and remember that life’s a great balancing act.”  – Dr Seuss

It is amazing to watch your child “find their feet”, so to speak. First steps are always an exciting mile-stone for any parent to watch. As your child grows and develops, so do their feet and this process continues well into their teens.


Children’s feet differ from adults’ as the bones are not fully formed and therefore are soft, pliable and vulnerable to damage. During this stage of life, your child may struggle  to articulate the extent of their pain. This is why as a parent, it is vital to pay close attention to your child’s feet.


Does you child…

  • Walk on their tippy-toes?
  • Tend to sit in a “W” position?
  • Walk in-toed (pigeon-toed) or Out-toed (like a duck)?
  • Complain of foot or ankle pain during or after sport?
  • Have flat feet?
  • Complain of sore knees or legs?
  • Suffer  from ingrown toenails
  • Appear to be clumsy?
  • Self-exclude from sport?


No concern is too big or too small when it comes to your child. Book an appointment with one of our fun, friendly and caring podiatrists, for a comprehensive assessment of your little one.