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Foot Massages are More Important and Common Than You Think

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15:00 PM

Nothing beats the level of relaxation you feel when you get a foot massage at the end of a long tiring day. If you've been standing all day long or walked long distances by foot to run errands, a foot massage is probably your best bet at releasing the tension in your feet and relieving pain.


However, did you know there's a lot more to foot massage than just tension and pain relief? Getting a foot massage every now and then is more important than you think. In fact, foot massages are an integral component of reflexology treatments that are intended to provide relief from various conditions. If you would like to know why we say so, continue reading this blog post.


Improves Blood Circulation to the Lower Extremities

Most people today are living a sedentary lifestyle where the level of physical activity they get involved in every day is a bare minimum. Sitting in one position for extended hours or a lack of physical activity, in general, can affect blood circulation. However, a foot massage can improve blood circulation to your lower body, especially the feet. This can help you reduce the swelling in your feet. It's particularly more important for people who are suffering from diabetes.


Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Numerous studies show that foot massage, which is a form of reflexology, can significantly reduce the effects of depression and anxiety. This is helpful for people who are involved in stressful jobs and are often too anxious about getting their work done right and on time. Another study indicates the stress and anxiety-reducing benefits of foot massages in cancer patients.


Prevents Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot massages can aid in the reduction of joint pain and muscle soreness following an injury. With regular foot massages after getting injured, you can expect the pain and soreness in the muscles to get resolved sooner. Foot massages can also strengthen the ankle joint and improve its flexibility. With stronger and more flexible ankle joints and muscles, the risk of getting injured due to clumsiness can be greatly reduced.


Improvement in Migraine Headaches

Foot massages can help individuals suffering from migraine headaches. Not only is the intensity of the headaches is reduced, but even the frequency is reduced if you get regular foot massages. We don't say this; it's numerous studies that prove that individuals who suffer from frequent migraine headaches stopped taking pain relief medicines following reflexology treatments like a foot massage.


Alleviate Symptoms of Menopause and PMS

Some of the common symptoms of menopause and PMS include fatigue, headaches, mood swings, irritability, and anxiety, among many others. Not many people are aware of the fact that foot massages can help alleviate most of these menopause and PMS-related symptoms and make you feel better and uplifted.


Foot massages are definitely something you should consider getting routinely. You can either hit the salon after work a few times a week to get a relaxing foot massage or have your partner do it for you.

Would it help if we tell you that foot massage can be a good starting point to a passionately romantic evening? Well, that's another benefit of foot massages. You can thank us later!