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Paying Attention to Your Feet When You Have Diabetes: More Important Than You Might Think

Posted By ,
22/11/2023 13:32 PM
  Living with diabetes�it's not exactly a walk in the park, is it? And speaking of walks, let's chat about why those two feet of yours deserve a bit more attention than they might be...

Podiatry for Athletes: Preventing and Treating Sports-Related Foot Injuries

Posted By ,
08/08/2023 10:49 AM
Athletes, regardless of their level of competition, subject their feet to significant stress. The constant actions of running, jumping, and manoeuvring can result in a multitude of foot and ankle...

Top 5 Exercises to Improve Foot Strength and Flexibility

Posted By ,
09/03/2023 14:50 PM
When people begin a routine to improve their flexibility and strength, they usually focus on such things as their arms, their legs, their chest, back, shoulders, even their abs. However, rarely do...