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Can’t Figure Out the Cause of Your Back Pain? Get Your Feet Checked!

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12:00 PM

Back pain is a prevalent medical condition. According to statistics, every 1 in 6 Australians experiences back pain, which is the second leading cause of disease burden. Not only that, but back pain moderately interferes in the daily activities of 38% of the people who experience it.


Several reasons can lead to back pain. Sports injury, falls or incorrect posture are some of the common causes of back pain. However, sometimes, the cause is not very obvious, and it might come as a surprise, but your feet or improper footwear may be the culprit.


Not many people give adequate regard to their feet. Because they often underestimate the role of feet in our lives. As you walk, you put a force equivalent to five times your body weight on each foot. And when this force is not distributed correctly, it develops problems in other parts of the body.


Moreover, the nerves that travel to the legs and feet come from the spine, your back is likely to bear the brunt.


Let's look at some of the problems in your feet that may be the potential cause of a backache.


Flat Foot

Flat foot refers to a medical condition where your feet's arch appears to be flattened. As a result, the centre of your feet is closer to the ground. This particular condition results in the ankle's misalignment that eventually leads to alignment issues of the knee joint.


When left untreated, a flat foot can affect your hip joint as you walk and finally, your spine. It is common for people with a flat foot to experience backache, particularly in the lower back.



Another foot problem that can be a potential cause of back pain is hyper-pronation. It refers to the inward bending of the foot as you walk or run. This unnatural movement results in flattened arches. Overtime, you develop flat feet.


While mild pronation aids in walking and running, too much of it can affect the ankle, knees, hip, and lower back. Additionally, when you have hyper-pronation, your leg muscles need to work harder to pull your feet, contributing to excessive pressure on your spine. 



As opposed to hyper pronation, hyper-supination is when the feet are excessively moved outward. Again, the condition affects your arch and exerts extra pressure on your leg muscles. As you stand, walk or run, this condition can lead to pain in different parts of your leg, such as knees and shins, resulting in lower back pain.


Treating Foot Problems for a Pain-Free Back

Foot problems are often an underrated cause of back pain; however, you can easily get rid of your back pain by merely treating your feet. If you are diagnosed with a foot or ankle disorder that is causing back pain, you can improve the condition using orthotic footwear.


At Sydney Podiatry Co., our trained and experienced podiatrists can help diagnose and treat all foot misalignments. Whether it is a joint disorder or a neurological condition, and diabetic foot, we deal with all types of feet problems because foot health is not a luxury. It's a necessity. For more information, visit our website.