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Queenscliff Podiatry – Fancy Feet Solutions

Wearing uncomfortable shoes can cause a myriad of problems for your poor feet. At Sydney Podiatry Co, we are proud to offer our female patients FRANKIE4 Footwear solutions to assist with tired, aching feet. Designed by industry professionals, you will be amazed at the supreme comfort and style these shoes have to offer. Forget about wearing shoes that are too tight, uncomfortable or simply not the right fit, our podiatrists will help you find a high quality shoe that will last for years and keep your feet looking great.  


As expert footwear fitters, you can’t go wrong with Sydney Podiatry Co to provide you with the best podiatry solutions in NSW. We have a diverse selection available at our Balgowlah clinic only.

Clinical Podiatry Services

As your local Queenscliff podiatrist, you can trust our expertise when it comes to all things feet. We are passionate about helping you achieve optimum physical function and mobility, so you can live the best quality life possible. We specialise in injury management and prevention, rehabilitation, restoring mobility, children’s podiatry, toenail surgery, musculoskeletal injuries, general podiatry, diabetic and high-risk patients.

Some common foot problems we treat include:

  • Fungal nails – If you have cracked, lifted or painful toenails, you may have a fungal nail infection. We have a variety of treatment options available and can assist in finding the right solution for your needs. Call our podiatrist team today.
  • Plantar Fascitis, Heel Spurs & Achilles Tendonopathy - Heel pain affects a great number of our patients and is often associated with a dull aching pain, tightness or burning in the heel or arch. You don’t have to let this issue disrupt your life anymore. We’ll formulate a customised treatment plan to help you feel better & pain free in no time.
  • Ingrown toenails - Is a condition where the nail grows into the skin, and can often affect the big toe, which can be very painful to live with. Speak to us about the variety of treatment options available.


Sydney Podiatry Co is a leading foot doctor practice in Queenscliff specialising in all areas of foot and lower limb pathologies. Call us on (02) 9949 3327 to book your appointment with one of our expert podiatry doctors today.